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At Wags N' Purrz, our goal is to provide your pet with the same love and care you provide when you are home. Leaving your pet at home with someone you can trust greatly reduces your pet's stress level so you come home to a happier pet. After all, the last thing you want to worry about while at work or on vacation is how your beloved dog or cat is doing! Allow us to give you that peace of mind!

Pet sitting benefits for your pet:
  • Reduced stress for your pet
  • Daily walks and lots of playtime
  • Avoid health hazards of other animals in a kennel
  • Individualized care for your pet, keeping feeding and medication times consistent
  • Your pets receive the loving care they deserve from reliable professionals
Pet sitting benefits for you:
  • No worrying about what time to drop off or pick up your pets: they are already at home!
  • Your mail will be picked up daily
  • Rotation of blinds and lights to give your home a "lived in" look to detract burglars
  • No need to impose on a friend or family member to check on your pets
  • Your pet will be happy when you return home!

We also provide daily dog walking/potty breaks while you are at work or away.

Check out the services page for detailed information!

Wags N' Purrz Pet Services
PO Box 512
Funkstown, MD 21734-0512

Fully insured and proud member of the following professional organizations:
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